Man Has Secret Cash In Shirt Pocket, Wife Unknowingly Donates Shirt

My heart sank just typing that title out. He was keeping a secret cash stash in a shirt pocket in the closet, saving up to surprise his wife with an Italian vacation, but she donated the shirt without looking.

This happened in Placentia, CA, just outside of Anaheim. Bob had been saving pocket change and extra cash for years, keeping it in what he thought was a safe place that he knew his wife would never check. He was up to $8,000 in cash, with a goal of $10k. He was getting excited about soon revealing to his wife that he was planning a surprise vacation to Italy, but then his wife did some cleaning.

She grabbed a bunch of extra clothes that she figured they’d never miss, tossed them all in a box, and headed for the Goodwill store to drop them all off. Bob was right when he figured she’d never find the cash in the shirt, because she didn’t. When Bob got news that a relative of his was in need of some extra money, he thought he’d hold off on the vacation plans for a bit, and give up some of the cash to help his family. He went to get it, and discovered the shirt was missing. Frantically he told his wife the story, and they went straight to the Goodwill store to look for the shirt. Not finding it or the cash, they were bummed and went back home.

The next day the phone rang. It was Caitlin calling from the Goodwill store, and she had the news that she found the envelope of cash in a pocket of a shirt, which was lost in another pile of other shirts. Also, after finding out that his relative doesn’t need the cash any more, Bob was happy to report that vacation plans with Linda are back on, only now she knows about it. Also, we’re pretty sure she’ll be checking all pockets any chance she gets.

More on the story here.

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