📷 The Most Painful Lego To Step On

Someone ranked the most painful Lego pieces to step on (I’m glad I wasn’t the one doing the testing), and compiled the top-25 worst pieces to step on. Surprisingly, the small ones are the worst.

We’ve all been there. We were kids and had Lego, or our sibling had Lego, or our cousins or our own kids – somebody somewhere in our life. The toys get left out, small pieces, big pieces, whatever, and inevitably, we step on a piece. It always seemed to be sharp-end up, of course. I’ve actually had a few pieces cut my foot open before, but that’s another story. Luckily I grew up with carpet rather than hard wood floors, so that actually helped soften the damage, Anyway, the top-25 most painful Lego pieces to step on, ranked.

Also, a link back to this video from a couple days ago of the dad’s instructional video on how to prepare for parenthood. Maybe he did the research?

Click each piece for a picture. Here’s the top-25 most painful Lego pieces to step on.

25) Tire (which I don’t get; it’s just rubber)
24) Brick 1×8
23) Profile brick ø15.83 with cross
22) Round plate 2×2 with eye
21) Roof tile 4×2 45°, inverted
20) Minifig heads
19) Brick 1×4 with 4 “knobs
18) Smoke protection (add-on for minifigs)
17) Stone, 1x2x1 1/3 with 2 plates, 2×2
16) Streamer
15) Roof tile 1×2 45° with 1/3 plate (actually looks pretty painful)
14) Plate 1×1 with upright holder
13) Brick with bow 1x3x2
12) Profile brick 1×2 (these can have different designs on the front)
11) Double conical wheel (ouch)
10) Brick corner 1x2x2 (now they’re getting painful looking)
09) Angle plate 1×2/1×4
08) Mailbox casing 2x2x2
07) Brick 2x4x1 with rounded screen (used as fenders for cars/trucks)
06) Facet brick 3x3x1
05) Plate 1×2 with vertical grips
04) Stalk (just a plant base, really)
03) Brick 1×2 with 4 “knobs”
02) Rocker bearing 1×2 (used to add a tilt to pieces)
01) Brick 1×1 with 4 “knobs”

Like said earlier, is seems like the smaller the piece, the higher the pain. Makes us want to wear shoes all the time. What’s the worst Lego injury you’ve ever received?


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