New Celebrity Oscars Trend, The “Happy Lift”

Let’s pretend: You’re a super-successful celebrity fresh off the set of your new film. You’re proud, you worked hard, the movie did amazing in theaters, and you’ve prepared your Oscar acceptance thank-you speech. They announce the nominees, you lean forward in your chair, they call your name, the camera pans to you, your excited expression reflecting back at you in the glass of the camera’s lens. They announce the winner.

“And the award for best actress goes to ….” Not you. The camera, still on your face now feels like a heat-source, and you struggle to keep your happy-face to show support for your fellow film-industry colleague.

Back to reality, that’s what many actors and actresses have to look forward to. Keeping a happy, friendly appearing face after they don’t win. That’s where the happy-lift comes in. The happy-lift is a quick facelift procedure that gives you the appearance of a natural, relaxed smile. Harold Lancer, Beverly Hills dermatologist, says that the procedure is “a bit like puppet strings.” Micro-threads are used to physically pull the corners of the mouth up, and Restylane (an injectable filler) is often used to sort of “mold” the droopy corners of the mouth upward.

Cost? $300 per thread (the average procedure used 3 threads per side), $600 per unit of Restylane (typically 1 unit is used, sometimes 1 and a half). So, $2,700 for a subtle, natural-looking smile that lasts about a week or so.

Check out more details about the procedure over here. Is it something you would ever consider having done?

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