French Artist Lives In A Rock

I know, you read that title and wondered what it really meant. It literally means a French artist, Abraham Poincheval, as part of his latest work, is living inside of a rock for a week.

It’s actually a giant boulder, and it was cut in half, top-to-bottom, and hollowed out to the shape of a sitting man. His plan was to sit inside of it for a week, and at the time of this writing (02-28-17, 9:00am), he has only one day to go. Well, 9am here is actually 6pm in Paris, so he only has, like, a half-day to go. He’ll be released on March 1st, Paris-time.

“How does he go to the bathroom?” Glad you asked. He’ll use empty water bottles. “But what about, you know..?” Oh, that. There’s a, uh, well, he’s sitting on a “small container to excrete.” Yeah..

He’s encased in the rock with both food and water, but just enough to make it through the week. He’s still alive in there, as there’s a camera in there too that visitors to the exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris can watch on a screen near the giant boulder. Speaking of giant boulder, by the way, it weighs 24,000 pounds, or about 8-1/4 Honda Civics.

He says the biggest problem he may face is losing touch with reality, basically losing his mind while he’s in there.

Check out the details here, and see more of his “living” experiments, like when he lived inside a giant plastic bottle, or on top of a 65-foot tall pole.

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