Would You Swim In A Toilet?

Then don’t pee in the pool.

Researchers finally discovered just how much urine is actually in the average pool. I’ll cut to the chase. They say for a 110,000 gallon pool, about 8 gallons of that water is actually pee. 18.5 gallons of the average 220,000 gallon pool was pee. Remember though, the average-sized backyard pool is only around 20,000 gallons, so a lot less than the 8-gallon-er larger pool. Plus, you probably don’t pee in your own pool, do you?

The science behind the equation: Researchers in Canada studied the level of Ace-K, or “acesulfame potassium,” found in 31 various pools and hot-tubs. Ace-K is an artificial sweetener, used in sodas, candy, etc. The interesting thing about Ace-K is that it’s man-made; it doesn’t occur naturally, and a majority of it passes through the human body. So, measuring the amount of Ace-K in pool water determined how much, uh, pee, is in pools.

Oh yeah, they say the concentration of pee in hot tubs, at least in one of the ones they tested, was about 3-times more than in pools.

The good news is that they say we shouldn’t worry about the pee content of our local swimming hole since it’s basically harmless. They say that urine reacts with chlorine and makes “disinfectant byproducts,” but still apparently nowhere near high enough of a level to cause harm. You probably don’t want to drink it though.

Happy relaxing! Just don’t pee in the pool. The ocean is still ok though, according to one of the researchers.


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