The Great Maple Syrup Shortage Of 2017

Maple syrup will be in short supply this year, and farmers say it’s due to the weather.

The weather so far this year in much of the country has been pretty warm, at least compared to average. The warmer weather is confusing plants; they think it’s spring time already, so we’re getting blueberries up in Michigan, and even reports of peaches growing already in Kentucky. Not to mention January and February without any snowfall in Chicago.

The problem with the maple syrup this year is that with the warmer weather, the trees that farmers extract the syrup from started producing about a month early. While an early production season isn’t a terrible thing, the problem comes in that the sap will actually stop flowing even earlier, and that could cause a shortage later in the year. Farmers say production is already down by 75% in some areas because of the early, reduced levels of sap flowing from the trees.

The other problem is that demand for maple syrup has actually gone up in the past 10 years, which could exhaust the supply of sap already produced, and warrant the need for increased import from Canada.

So when prices on maple syrup go up this year, now you know why.


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