Olly The Jack Russell Terrier’s Hilariously Awful Agility Run [VIDEO]

Olly is a little 5-year-old Jack Russell, and he was competing at the Crufts Dog show in the UK on the agility course. The course consists of tubes, a “weave pole” segment, ramps, jumps, a whole variety of obstacles. Well, he didn’t do so hot.

It seems like he got lost a few times, although it does look like he was having a great time, doesn’t it? There must be all sorts of smells out there he wanted to explore, not to mention all the people making noise, cheering, and probably saying “awwww” (oh, that’s just us? Ok then). And really, except for that one pole he face-planted over (and the weave poles he skipped), he actually wouldn’t have done too badly if he had just gone around in the right direction for many of the obstacles.

Doesn’t matter anyway, he stole everyone’s heart that day, and certainly made us smile when we saw him. The announcer was having a great time watching his run, too, and his commentary just adds to the entertainment. Plus Olly seemed unharmed after crashing into the ground that one time. Dogs are tough.

Here’s a little more about Olly:

You go, Olly! You didn’t “win” the agility competition, but you certainly won.

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