Matthew Perry Beat Up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Wow, Chandler picked a good fight, didn’t he? Matthew Perry admitted to beating up the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Only it didn’t recently happen, it happened back when they were both in fifth grade.

I’ll preface this by saying he’s not proud of his story, and admitted that while talking to Jimmy Kimmel. Ok, so now some background: Says Wikipedia, Matthew was born in the U.S. but grew up in Canada. His mother was press secretary to then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who is current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father. So Matthew Perry and Justin Trudeau grew up together. Background cleared up, onto the juicy part.

Matthew recently heard a story from his grade-school friend Chris Murray. Chris, telling old stories, reminded Matthew of that one time when they beat up the Canadian Prime Minister. Matthew says that Justin was doing well at some sport in school that he and his friend Chris weren’t very good at, so they wound up beating him up, admitting it was very likely out of jealousy. He also admitted that it was dumb and that he was “a stupid kid” himself, and obviously regrets it. But that’s a unique story to have, isn’t it? “One time I beat up the Prime Minister of Canada.”

See more details here.

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