World’s Strongest Coffee, Now Available In America

And there was much rejoice. Although I wonder how safe this is…

The previous record-holder for “world’s strongest coffee” went to “Death Wish Coffee Company,” with a measly 660 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup. Putting that into perspective, a “5 Hour Energy” shot has about 200mg of caffeine in a 2oz serving, a regular old Coke has 34mg of caffeine per 12oz, and a 12oz Mountain Dew has only 54mg, all according to Caffeine Informer.

This new coffee from Black Insomnia Coffee Company, first introduced in South Africa last year, holds a whopping 702mg per 12oz cup. That’s like drinking more than 2 Starbucks Venti (20oz) Dark Roast brews at 340mg of caffeine a piece, but compacted and concentrated into a regular 12oz size. You’ll basically have superhuman reflexes at that point*.

The mega-caffeine content coffee is now available in America, and you can find it on Amazon (although it seems their store is down at the time of this posting) if you dare to give it a shot (har har).

All caffeine content found on this website (very well organized and offers a ton of information), and the original source here.

*You won’t actually have superhuman reflexes, but you’ll very likely be jittery and have a rapid heartbeat. By the way, experts recommend only 400mg of caffeine per day, so, you know, try it at your own risk.

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