Millennial Dating Deal Breakers – Debt

A survey about dating with debt revealed a list of some things that are dating deal-breakers for millennials, and some of the answers that were given are almost too honest and forward.

So what does the “Netflix and Chill” generation consider for debt deal-breakers in relationships? Apparently carrying a large amount of debt is an absolute deal-breaker for about 21% of millennials out there. That’s sort of an important one, if we’re honest, because debt can become a huge problem and has been known to tear couples apart, so it really makes sense to avoid it if you can, but what if you’ve been dating someone for a while before finding out about their debt? Would you break up with that person? 39% of millennials say “depends on how much.” 4.5% say absolutely.

The highest deal-breaker on the list is dating someone who is a workaholic. Sounds true, never seeing someone you’re dating because they’re working all the time is pretty difficult, but sometimes people work more to pay off debts, or maybe they’re just working on their career now so they can work less in the future.

-Third place on the list for deal-breakers is dating someone who is cheap. That seems ironic considering debt was higher on the list. Wouldn’t a “cheap” partner be a good thing in that case?
-Fourth is dating someone with a dead-end job.
-Fifth is someone who has been divorced. Is it that big of a deal?
-Sixth on the list of deal-breakers is someone who is a bad dresser. Seriously, 10% of millennials won’t date someone who dressed poorly. That has us wondering though what they mean by “bad dresser.” Like, cheap or dirty clothes? Not name-brand stuff? Or someone who just has terrible matching skills? It’s pretty open-ended.

Back to the debt factor though – millennials were given a survey asking a bunch of debt-in-relationship questions, including a “would you rather” style question about STD vs. debt disclosure, to education level (which comes with more student loan debt a lot of the time). It’s really interesting seeing how people may try to hide their debt, but is kind of surprising as to how soon a lot of millennials say they would disclose their own debt very early in a relationship, some even by the second date. Check out the details here.

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