Dad Photoshops Toddler Into Dangerous Situations For Awareness [PICS]

This dad, Stephen Crowley, is pretty cool, and the pictures have been giving a lot of his family, and a ton of us as viewers, a pretty good scare. He posts pictures of his daughter, 18-month-old Hannah, photoshopped into dangerous situations. She has a rare immune disorder, called HLH. HLH is Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, and it basically causes some white blood cells to attack good cells, and they collect in and enlarge the spleen and liver.

See a couple pictures, one here, another here.

This dad created these pictures to share with family, a little to freak them out, but mostly because it was fun, and because Hannah was finally out of isolation where they missed out on taking pictures of her for most of her first year. After posting the pictures online, Stephen discovered that they can be used to raise awareness for the disease, since they seemed to cause a stir and sort of went viral with their story attached. The pictures are very well done, and Stephen even shares some of the before pictures as proof that they’re all staged. The pictures show Hannah standing on the edge of a cliff, standing in dad’s lap while driving fast down the highway, playing with knives, hanging over stairs, all sorts of situations.

Stephen hopes that the pictures being viewed and shared will help raise awareness for Be The Match, a bone marrow registry that helps donors get bone marrow to people in need.

Check out more of the story and pictures here, and follow him on Instagram here.


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