The Best And Worst Cities For Millennials To Live, Ranked

Long story short, how well a group of people does can be related to that group’s geographical location. Millennials do well in some parts of the country, but the struggle is real in other parts of the country.

Some cities across America where millennials are doing well, and in some cases they’re even doing better than their “older” co-workers:
01) Philadelphia, PA
02) Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI
03) Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA
04) New Orleans, LA
05) Oklahoma City, OK
06) Greenville, SC
07) Pittsburgh, PA
08) Salt Lake City, UT
09) Allentown, PA
10) Charleston, SC

But there are a lot of cases where it’s a serious challenge to be a “millennial” in the working force, whether entry-level jobs are more scarce, or there just isn’t a lot of business, or the income-to-rent ratio is just too low:
01) Syracuse, NY
02) San Jose, CA
03) Montgomery County, PA
04) Bridgeport, CT
05) Oakland, CA
06) Nassau County, NY
07) North Port, FL
08) Newark, NJ
09) Lake County & Kenosha County, IL & WI (tie)
10) Silver Spring, MD

The findings from this research also discovered that (here’s where it gets a little confusing), millennials of today (they’re calling it 28-32 year olds) compared to 33-55 year olds, but when they were “millennial” age, the overall situation of “the struggle” is actually about the same. Basically, “the struggle” has been real for young adults for years, even before “millennial” was a thing.

They’re saying that millennials today are 2.7 times more likely to “live in mom and dad’s basement,” but they also found that “Generation X-ers” were 2.2 times just as likely to do the same when they were “millennial” aged.

Check out some more details here.

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