Would You Be Okay With Zero Cash?

I don’t mean just no cash for you, like, no money at all. We’re talking about no cash, like, no actual physical money exists in the world – everything is online and bank-based.

Sure, you’d probably think that people these days typically use their credit or debit cards for purchases, but a lot of people still carry and use actual cash. In this modern, technology-driven world, cash is still the preferred method of payment for your basic everyday purchases.

More than one-third of people would be okay with a cash-free society. Breaking that down even further, about 38% of Americans say they would be okay with going cash-free, and 34% of the people surveyed say they’re already using electronic or card-based payment methods. Other countries included in the study, 34% of Europeans say they would be ok with it.

More than 50% of Europeans say they are already using less cash in the past year than years before, and more than three-quarters of those same Europeans say they expect to use even less in the next year. The country who uses cash the most? Germany. Only about 10% of German respondents say they rarely use cash.

What about you? Are you pro-cash, or is it just too convenient to carry a card around everywhere? Or do you go a step further and use your cell phone as a payment method (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, etc)?


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