Dating App For The Workplace – Slack

Slack is supposed to be, despite the ironic name, a workplace productivity tool. It’s a communication website and app, sort of like a big chatroom, that lets colleagues share ideas, collaborate, etc.

But, like with anything internet-based, it gets taken advantage of. A dating app company created a “bot,” a sort of automated, computer-based tool, that will match you with coworkers who share a mutual-crush on you. Basically how it works is you tell it that you have a crush on someone. It keeps everything anonymous, but if the person you have a crush on also has a thing for you, and if they tell the bot, then the bot will give each of you a notification. Mutual crush-ees can then have a chat after discovering their mutual like for one another. Let the conversations begin, whether at the copier, water-cooler, or in the HR office.

The only problem though is that in order for the bot to be installed on the company’s Slack “channel,” an administrator has to add it, which would mean the workplace probably already has a sort of lax policy on inter-office dating. The company that created the bot, Feeld (they make dating apps, no shocker there), says that they’re aware of the workplace professionalism that this basically violates, but explained that they, as a company, “question the norms and define our own more human, more real way of existing in the world.”


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