Hershey’s Releasing ‘America-Themed’ Candy Bars, California Flavored Kit-Kat?

What do they mean by “America-Themed?” Well, we’ll explain. Prepare to be a little grossed out probably, but we feel like there’s a couple good sounding ones though.

Hershey’s is making special editions of pre-existing candy bars, they’re not coming out with anything new-new. So special versions of Kit-Kat, Reese’s, Kisses, PayDay, etc. They’ll have unique flavors, iconic to certain parts of the country. They’re saying the flavors are “inspired by the unique tastes of iconic, U.S. summer destinations.” They’re being named in tribute to specific states in different parts of the country, and yes, California made the list.

California is getting the Kit-Kat bar. It’s strawberry flavored, in honor of California’s Strawberry Festival, which they’re calling a “relatively unknown event” that defines California Summers.

Georgia, known as the Peach State, is getting a new peanut butter cup from Reese’s. The flavor won’t be peach though, instead it’s going to be “honey-roasted” peanut butter. They say it has a “hint of floral, amber, and molasses” sort of flavor. Sounds interesting.

New York is getting the regular Hershey’s chocolate bar, but it’ll be cherry-cheesecake flavored. They do have good cheesecake in New York, I’ll be honest.

Florida is getting an alligator-flavored, wait, no, just kidding. They’re getting two new Twizzlers flavors – key lime pie and orange cream pop.

Hawaii is getting new Kisses, and they’ll be coconut-almond flavored.

Texas is the final state to get a tribute flavor, and they’re going with PayDay bars. The flavor? Well, of course it’s going to be a BBQ flavor. We’re curious how that’s going to taste, but Hershey says they’re BBQ-seasoned peanuts, in the standard caramel and chocolate bar. We’re a little afraid, but very curious.

The bars are apparently available now, nationwide, for a limited time. No word on for how long besides “while supplies last.”

Check out their press release here.


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