Millennial Dads Make The Best Dads, Says This Theory

A website called Romper has a new theory, and they say that “Millennial” dads are the best dads, ever. They gave a few reasons why they say that, and we’ll give you a quick version just below.

First off, they gave a little background as to why they’re saying millennial dads are the best. They start off by saying millennials now were raised by baby-boomers. Baby-boomer men (millennial dad’s dads/grandfathers) were raised to be “a man’s man,” and were often absent from the home, working long hours, or just not having much to do with the raising of the children aside from disciplinary action. Baby-boomer mothers (millennial dad’s moms) watched their mothers doing all the work in the home, cleaning, cooking, raising the kids, assisting homework, parent-teacher meetings, etc. The baby-boom mothers, having seen what their mothers went through, turned out to raise their sons to know the value of housework, gender-equality, and all around made sure their sons turned into better men than their own husbands and fathers.

With all that stated, here are the reasons why they say millennial dads are the best dads:

1) They “embrace” fatherhood. Dad’s of young’ins now are present at parent-teacher conferences, sports events, and even in backyards and playrooms all over, actually playing with their kids.

2) They’re “involved.” They say that millennial dads aren’t working long hours like what their dads and grandfathers did, so they’re able to be home earlier, and be involved with raising children, potty-training, homework help, driving kids to/from activities, all sorts of things.

3) They’re supportive. They’re reading parenting blogs, trying to learn “how to dad” on YouTube, learn about breastfeeding and other things a new mother may have to deal with, physically and mentally so they can understand or offer support. They all around want to support their partners however they can.

4) They appreciate their partners. They know how hard mothers have to work (reading back to how their mothers raised them). Dad may take the kids, or try to make sure mom can have a quiet day alone. They’ll “take the duties” and get things done so mom can enjoy some free-time.

5) Gender stereotypes. The roles of “men’s work” vs. “women’s work” are long gone in the millennial dad’s mind, and he isn’t afraid to pick up the vacuum or do the dishes, put a dinner together or run to the grocery store.

6) They play with their kids. This goes back to a little bit of #1. They’re playing with their kids, and even planning playdates with other families. Millennial dads even play on the playground with their kids, or even become a model for their daughter’s “dress-up” game.

7) A lot of millennial dads stay at home. Whether they’re working from home, or if it’s by choice, nearly 2-million dads are stay-at-home parents. He handles “house duties” while mom is off at work.

Check out some more of the research here, and let us know what you think – are millennial dads among the best?

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