Kendall Jenner Reveals Most Of Herself In Sheer Met Gala Dress

This whole trend of sheer and barely-there dresses at high-society celebrity events is getting out of hand. The thing with this dress that Kendall Jenner was wearing, while it is full-length and does have an open back, it’s, well, it’s a very open back.

To be frank, it’s completely sheer. Well, sheer is really not quite the right word, the thing is totally transparent. It completely shows off what she’s not wearing underneath. Not just “shows it off a little,” it’s, by design, made to completely reveal everything, totally on purpose. She wore it with confidence, and did have “under things” on, of course, but barely there still.

Keep in mind it’s basically just Kendall standing in a thong, so probably don’t look at work or school, but you can see the picture of what I’m talking about here, and a more, straight-on, behind-view here.

We get it, the idea is to wear extraordinarily unique, sexy, scandalous, or super-luxurious outfits to an event like this, but shouldn’t there be a line? What’s stopping someone from simply showing up in sheer-lingerie (which is basically what Kendall did), or less?

Shouldn’t celebrities be more role-model-ey?


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