Forget The Mile High Club, Airports Are Where It’s At Now

It’s true. Gone are the times when people were joining the “mile-high club” while on flights. In case you’re not sure where we’re going with this, that’s when a couple would “do the deed” on an airplane while traveling somewhere.

It’s actually becoming more common now that people are “deeding” at airports in general, right there at ground-level. The study is shockingly revealing, showing that 10% of travellers, yes, one-in-ten people you see at the airport on any given day (statistically) have “deeded” at an airport somewhere in the country.

Of that 10%, nearly half of them have done it in the regular ‘ole public restroom. Just over a quarter of people somehow gained access to storage cupboards (we’re assuming they mean a closet?), and used that space. 14% reported doing it “under a coat,” or some sort of covering. That’s rather “out there in the open,” don’t you think?

As far as people joining the “mile-high” club, only about 8% of travellers have done that, reportedly, and we’re actually shocked that it was that high of a number. Interesting.

But there’s more. Of the people who responded in the affirmative to “deeding,” whether on a plane or in the terminal, 87% of those people say they did it with their traveling partner. 5% say it was a stranger, which leaves 8% who, uh, had no comment I guess.

Whole new meaning to the term “layover,” right?


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