Man Spreads Friend’s Ashes At Ballparks Around The Country

This is a true friendship story, very touching, and a little funny.

Tom and Roy were lifelong friends. They met as children in Queens, grew up together, and had a mutual love for everything baseball, especially the Mets. Roy, a plumber, passed away in 2008, and Tom decided to spread his ashes at various baseball parks in the country.

There are a couple catches though. The first catch is that there has to be a game in progress at the time of the spreading – Tom can’t just travel around and spread Roy’s ashes when it’s convenient. Next – rather than actually spreading the ashes, since Roy was a plumber, here’s the “kind of funny” bit, Tom is actually flushing Roy’s ashes down a toilet at each of these stadiums.

Roy’s family is ok with it, saying that he would “appreciate the offbeat gesture.” Roy’s family shared a portion of the ashes with Tom for this purpose, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

Tom says he keeps Roy in an old peanut can, which is wrapped in Mets ticket stubs, stored next to his World Series highlight videos and baseball card and autographs collection. There’s enough of Roy’s ashes left for one more stadium, and Tom plans to visit North Carolina, specifically Durham Athletic Park, which is where the movie “Bull Durham” was filmed in 1988.

What an awesome story, right? A great friend honoring his late friend’s life in a light-hearted, humorous way that has everyone involved supporting it. Plus he get’s to visit all these parks with his buddy one last time.

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