Mom Doesn’t Actually Want Breakfast In Bed For Mother’s Day

Much to many eager kids’ dismay, it turns out that breakfast in bed isn’t high on mom’s wish list. Straight to the point, only 4% of moms surveyed (about 700 moms out of 1,000 people) say they want breakfast in bed.

The tradition is gone, with more than half of the moms surveyed saying the would rather go out to eat somewhere with the family. Brunch was the most preferred meal for the day. The most preferred meal by moms in the survey? Eggs benedict. 43% of the moms agreed on that, actually, with another 35% saying omelettes, and 19% saying they want avocado toast.

The survey goes on (they covered a lot in this thing). The most annoying things about going out to eat on Mother’s Day, says the moms in the survey, live music. 31% of moms say that’s the most annoying thing about going out to eat. 25% say communal tables (which are honestly kind of annoying always), and 21% of moms hate restaurants that don’t take reservations.

It continues.

The things that make mom most happy about going out to eat are as follows. 23% of moms agree that their favorite brunch cocktail is a mimosa, with bloody marys coming in juuuust behind that at 22%. The vast majority of moms only have 1 or 2 drinks though, so don’t buy bottomless for just her.

Check out some more on the survey here.

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