Science Has Cured Gray Hair

Well, it’s not so much a “cure found” as it is a “cure in the works,” but scientists know what to work on.

Many people who weren’t following the gray hair trend a couple years ago (Rihanna, Zayn, a ton of younger people with dye), going gray is a big deal. Many embrace it, yes, but it causes a ton of anxiety for others, and an entire industry circles around hiding it. Science has discovered exactly how hair turns gray, and they’re working on a cure.

The discovery was made when they were studying mice with tumors. They found that when mice developed some sort of cancerous tumor, a protein called “stem cell factor” went missing. When that protein goes away, hair turns white, as the mice showed when they aged. When that protein is there and interacts with the skin cell that grows and gives hair natural color, the color returns.

The scientists are now working on a topical compound, literally like a lotion or shampoo, that you apply. It will give that protein and the genes required to basically “fix” gray hairs. They’re also researching baldness, and what causes it, hoping to find a solution for that as well.

Something you’d try?


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