Sacramento Couple Gets Married On Mount Everest [PIC]

That’s 17,600 feet above sea level, where the base camp is located. James Sissom and Ashley Schmieder did it back in March, and the picture from atop the mountain was just released. The photographer, Charleton Churchill tried to do a wedding on the mountain in 2015, but the week before it was to happen is when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck, which was devastating to the area.

Fast-forward to 2016, Ashley got in contact with Charleton on Instagram, wanting to go on some kind of adventure for her wedding. She didn’t have any ideas for a location besides the thoughts of a tropical climate, so he decided he wanted to try the Everest wedding once more. He talked the couple out of the “tropical island” idea, and they all agreed on Mount Everest. “It’s one of the most epic and beautiful locations in the world that’s difficult to get to, and nobody’s done it before in a wedding dress and tuxedo,” said Charleton. He’s an experienced mountain climber, and he worked with the couple for a year before the wedding, even though they also had experience at high-altitude. They acclimated on the mountain for three-weeks leading up to the day, and even had to deal with food poisoning, altitude sickness, and mental and physical exhaustion.

Everyone pushed through, they made it to the Mount Everest base camp, and in the end they certainly have one of the most legendary wedding portraits ever, in full formal-wear of tux and gown.

What was the most extreme location you’ve seen a wedding happen, or maybe your own was extreme? Let us know!


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