Grasshoppers Are On Menu At MLB Games

Its pretty safe to say nothing is impossible right? At some baseball games you can have your fun eating Grasshoppers, as it’s officially been added to their menu. We know it sounds nasty, but don’t think of it as a grasshopper, think of it as a crunchy, crispy snack!

At The Safeco Field Grasshoppers are called ‘The Chapulines’ which is toasted grasshoppers seasoned with chili and lime.

AP Reports, “In an era when ballparks are constantly trying to add new features and attractions, spicing up the menu can be an easy way to enhance the experience for spectators. There will always be room for hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts, but Seattle’s experience with the chapulines shows how a creative new food offering can become the talk of baseball for a little while — and any team can pull it off.”

The Chapulines are an easy to make, and tasty treat!

Not bad. A bit spicy, not enough crunch. #grasshoppers #poquitos #willtryanythingonce #mariners #safecofield

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