Moms Are Too Busy To Buy Their Own Moms Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms do a lot. They seem to be the glue that holds a lot of families together, they’re constantly running around helping kids, helping friends, husbands, everybody, and usually putting themselves last. That’s why they get Mother’s Day, although I feel like they should get a day, like, once a week, but I digress.

It was found that many moms are actually too busy to buy a gift for their own mothers. Only 44% of people with children will buy their own mother a gift on Mother’s day, as opposed to 56% of people without kids. Dad gets even less love on Father’s Day, with only 28% of people with kids buying their father something, compared to 39% of those without kids.

The reason seems to be agreed on that once you have kids, your attention shifts to your kids rather than your own parents. They’re still an important part of your life of course, but the kids sort of take over your attention. Even some of those who still gift their mother, it’s a much smaller or more practical item, or something that will build a memory, rather than a “thing.”

Check out some more details here.

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