IVF Embryo Jewelry?

It’s a new thing some couples are doing, and we’re honestly not sure what to think about it just yet.

Belinda and Shaun Stafford have been, for 6 years, trying In Vitro Fertilization, to begin their family. It has netted them 3 children, 4-year-old Lachlan, and almost 2-year-old twins Charlotte and William. But, as with any IVF treatment, there are leftover embryos. Embryos, of course, are fertilized eggs which are at the beginning of the development process.

Many couples donate the embryos, at the cost of an annual storage fee, which wasn’t an option for Belinda and Shaun. They also didn’t want to “dispose” of the embryos, saying that was “unimaginable.”

The couple, after doing some research, discovered a company called “Baby Bee Hummingbirds.” They’re an Australian company that will actually take the embryos, and turn them into jewelry. The couple decided this was the perfect thing for them to do. Belinda decided to have a heart-shaped pendant made, which includes 7 embryos. Now, she says, she can keep “all of her babies close to her heart.”

The company has made over 4,000 pieces of jewelry from anything from breast milk to hair to ashes, and of those 4,000, 50 have been made with embryos.

So what do you think? Is that something you’d consider having done if you were in that situation, or would you prefer to handle the embryos another way? How do you feel about what the couple did?

Check out some pictures of their jewelry here, and some more about the process.

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