Taylor Swift Heading Back To Court

It’s been a couple years since the “groping” incident, in which a radio DJ was fired after being accused of groping Taylor Swift while backstage at a meet & greet. He sued her, accusing her of costing him his job and damaging his reputation after accusing him of groping her.

She filed a counter-suit against him, vowing to become an example to other woman, potentially motivating them to speak up rather than keeping quiet about any sort of sexual violation against them.

The DJ has since “filed a motion to bar testimony” from a witness on Taylor’s side of the lawsuit, saying that Lorraine Bayard de Volo (University of Colorado Boulder women and gender studies professor) can’t be an expert witness, since she wasn’t there to experience the situation as it happened.

The professor is providing testimony against the DJ, basically calling him a textbook example of someone who would commit sexual harassment or assault against a woman. In the exact quote, the DJ was said to have “felt his job security was threatened, his identity as a radio personality was threatened, and his masculinity was threatened (before meeting Taylor). This perfect storm of threats to Mr. Mueller’s perceived status is consistent with the well-settled, academically accepted, perceived threats to status that motivate a man to commit sexual harassment or assault.”

He’s suing her for damages to the tune of $2.9 million, which is an estimated cost of income over the next 15 years that he says will be lost due to damage to his reputation and inability to get hired elsewhere.

Swift’s lawyers say the financial firm that made that estimate has no experience in the radio industry, and is unable to provide an actual estimate for damages in a field where they have no experience.

Taylor Swift plans to donate any and all money she may win from the case to charities that protect women from sexual assaults.

The court date to (hopefully) finalize this case is set for August, and you can see more details about it here.

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