Miley Cyrus Discusses Friendship With Katy Perry

Sometimes when you’re a celebrity, it’s hard to maintain friendships. Not because you’re self-centered, but because you’re constantly travelling and attending events, it’s just hard to have downtime to hang out with old pals. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have fought through their busy schedules to keep in touch over the years, and it actually got Miley thinking.

During an interview, Miley Cyrus was talking about her friendship with Katy Perry, and revealed that Katy is her oldest friend. Not oldest age-wise, but oldest as in they go back together the most. They’ve been friends for about 10 years now, and according to Miley, “that’s like a really long time.” Sure they’re both competing with each other on the charts now, Miley has “Malibu” just released, and Katy of course just dropped “Bon Appetit.” But their friendship starts with another one of Katy’s songs.

“I Kissed a Girl.” When that song first came out on the radio, she heard Katy Perry being interviewed. When asked who she wrote the song about, Katy responded that she wrote the song thinking about Miley Cyrus. Then Katy invited Miley to the VMAs, and that’s where it all started in 2008. Only it almost didn’t happen at all, since Miley’s mom was worried about her hanging out with Katy Perry, citing “stranger danger.”


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