Downside To Dating Celebrities, According To Harry Styles’ Alleged GF

Tess Ward – she’s a British chef/cookbook author/food blogger, and she’s rumored to be dating Harry Styles. When that rumor broke, all her social media basically broke too.

Being a food blogger, social media is important to her to help her spread her brand to more people, but at the moment, since news broke that she may be dating Harry Styles, fans of Harry (and One Direction) have been flooding her social media with hate-mail. She’s constantly finding comments on everything she posts. One example, she posted a picture of some ice cream that she made. That ice cream was host to more than 3,000 hate-comments, saying things like “this looks disgusting,” and “social climber.”

She says she’s fallen out of love with Instagram. She’s even been receiving direct messages through the app. She completely deleted Snapchat. The very damaging part though is all the negative reviews her cookbook is getting on Amazon. This isn’t funny at all, false reviews are a big issue. Her book had been getting 4 and 5 star reviews, but now it’s been flooded with 1-star reviews, and is being called “boring” and “unoriginal.” That’s just not cool, that affects her income. Ugh!

She’s even getting reporters turning up to her mother’s house and her old job looking for her, or for anyone to talk to.

It may seem like a great lifestyle, to be a celebrity, or to date a celebrity, but when you end up looking at all the drama that’s attached…


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