Taylor Swift’s Stalker Indicted

It’s a year of justice for Taylor Swift. First she revealed she has a “secret weapon” that is promising her a full win in court against the radio DJ who was accused of groping her, and now the guy that’s been trying to meet her by climbing onto her roof and getting into her apartment building and eventually breaking into her apartment, was just officially charged.

The guy, Mohammed Jaffar, was just charged, officially, for loitering outside of her home for 3 months. He’s being held in jail on a $20,000 bond. No word on the burglary and stalking charges, but at least there’s something there.

It started this past December when he first got onto the roof of her condo, trying to meet her. He also gained access to the building and rang her doorbell, over and over, for an hour. That was caught on camera. He also called her management company trying to get “connected” to her, 59 times. His arrest date was back in March, on suspicion of burglary and stalking, and has another court date in June.


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