There Are Now Tattoos That Can Play Audio [VIDEO]

Tattoos are very popular, it seems like nearly everybody has at least one, and we certainly see them everywhere we go. But they’ve been pretty much the same for years.

Now there are tattoos that can play audio. Full disclosure, it’s a regular tattoo, but it’s scanned with an app on your phone, and your phone is what actually plays the audio. We’re not embedding batteries in our arms yet.

Mark S. Allen talked to Sacramento’s and ABC10’s Megan Telles about her tattoos (or lack thereof), and asked her opinion on the new ink, and if it was something she’d consider. She admitted that she has done a voice-recorded greeting for her husband before:

The app is being made by an L.A. area company called Skin Motion. The app will let you upload a sound file, and then the app will spit out a design based on the audio. Once it spits out the design, it’s printed, and then stencilled onto the customer’s arm. The artist does his or her thing, and you’ve now got a fresh wave-form tattoo. When you hold the app over the tattoo using the phone’s camera to view it, the app recognises the shape, and plays back the correct sound file, whether it be a loved one, a song, animal, whatever you want. If you want the sound of a toilet flushing, you can do it.

In the video below, they show a demo of the app and process, and this woman chose to have the sound of her dog barking, with someone else getting the sound of his wife saying “I love you” along with his baby:

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