New Pants With Detachable Legs Become ‘Booty Shorts’

These fashion-related things are getting ridiculous recently, from pants with rear-zippers to rompers for him, it’s looking like 2017 will be the year of legwear.

These new pants are pants. They’re also shorts. Not just shorts, but short shorts. They’re not quite like those old zip-off cargo pants that guys used to wear in the early 2000s, but more of a jean with some straps that you remove, and the whole leg – up past the thigh – comes right off. When they’re pants, they still show a little thigh through a gap. Enough said, check out a picture here and here.

Well? Will this be a thing this year? I can actually see these selling, more than I can see those RompHims selling, for sure. Oh, they’re going for about $425 too. Ouch.

Check out some more here.

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