A Very Real Local Threat – Sea Lion Pulls Girl Into Water [VIDEO]

Sea Lion threats are real. They’re big, they’re powerful, they’re great swimmers, and they’re fast. This little girl found out the hard way that life can change instantly around these creatures, after she was pulled under water by one.

She was with her family at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia. She sat on the edge of the pier with her back to the water after watching the sea lion come out of the water, presumably looking for fish or other food. Just as she sat down, the sea lion jumped out of the water, a pretty great distance, grabbed her, and pulled her into the water long before anyone could react.

Luckily a quick-acting man jumped straight into the water to rescue the girl, nearly unable to climb back out on his own. The sea lion disappeared after that point.

This raises the concern of our own local waterways through much of Northern California. Sea lions are a regular site in the Sacramento River near Old Sacramento, and down in the Delta, too. Chances are you’ve seen one. They’re probably tired, they’re probably looking for food, so if you’re small enough (like a child), you may become their next target. They may look cute, but they’re big, strong animals, and you have to keep a close eye on any wildlife you may be around. Not saying they’re going to attack at random, but they may be attracted to something you’re wearing, or they may even feel threatened by your presence.

Here’s the video of the girl being pulled into, and then from, the water. It happens fast.

And the videographer’s Twitter post:

Always mind the local wildlife, and don’t turn your back on anything, at least not that close to their home.


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