Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux In Battle With Neighbor

You and I aren’t the only ones dealing with an annoying neighbor (there’s always at least one, isn’t there?), Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have their own annoying neighbor to deal with.

It started when the couple began renovating an apartment in NYC. It started as simple renovation, anyway. Their downstairs neighbor is demanding that they pay around $30,000 just for soundproofing between the two levels (but the noise will be finished once renovations are done anyway?). The soundproofing by the way, which is already in place, apparently “isn’t good enough,” says the neighbor. That same lower neighbor has actually threatened to cut the water and power supplies that go up to Jennifer and Justin’s deck, and also trim the ivy that they had planted. Presumably it’s spreading quickly, as ivy tends to do.

Justin, however, is saying that the neighbor is the problem, citing a threat to “set off a PR nightmare” if the couple don’t cater to the neighbor’s requests/demands. Quote about any legal action, “opening the door to a broad range of allegations that would become publicly available, and which would not please Justin or his wife or their respective publicists.”

Justin is actually suing that neighbor for $350,000 plus punitive damages, for some unknown reason. We’ll see what happens with the case in time.


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