Young Children Now Getting Tattoos To Match Parents’ [PICS]

Tattoos are certainly popular things these days (would they be called fashion accessories?), and many parents of young children are openly getting them. All sorts of tattoos and locations, arms, legs, etc.

A growing trend that started in the UK is children getting tattoos to match their parents. They’re not the real-deal, ink-under-skin style, but they are semi-permanent. See a picture of 3-year-old Jazmine here with her full-sleeve. It’s no doubt that children look up to their parents, and look forward to being able to do “adult things” (watching whatever on TV, staying up late, etc), and tattoo and airbrush artist Vicky McAdam saw the potential industry, and jumped on it.

She began air-brushing designs onto children, and says that they really love the styles. These aren’t the typical “transfer” type cartoon designs, they’re intricate designs, and people often mistake them for the real thing. She uses stencils with her airbrush, repeating designs to make as big, or as small, of a tattoo that’s desired. There’s no pain involved, and the designs last for several days, or can be washed off immediately after with no permanent color or damage left behind.

Vicky charges 30 pounds (about $38.40) per “tattoo,” but will travel and do parties at 100 pounds per hour ($128-ish).

Do you have tattoos? Do your kids know about them? Would you let your kids get an airbrushed tattoo to match?

Check out some more pictures and details here.

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