Sixty-Two Percent Of Women Say They Fantasize About Cheating With Neighbor

That’s an alarming number, and we’re not sure that it’s ACTUALLY that high, but that’s what this research says. The survey was conducted by a dating website.

62% of women say they fantasize about cheating on their spouse with a neighbor. To be fair, guys thought about it too, with 71% of them saying they have had the same fantasy. To get a little deeper into this information, read on.

Not only have 62% of women had the fantasy, but 31% of them have actually HAD that affair with their neighbor. A psychologist at California State says that fantasies are “normal,” and part of what keeps monogamy going. To expand on the 71% of guys who have had the neighbor fantasy, it shows that 98% of the guys in the survey have a fantasy about having sex with anyone, not just the neighbor, but the neighbor was picked 71% of the time. The psychologist, Wendy Walsh, says Human beings are aroused by novelty and newness. It’s part of our anthropological mission to spread our seed. Sexual fantasies let her (or him) create that newness in her head—rather than in her bed.”

Without incriminating yourself, would you say that research is accurate, or just another one of those “things” made up to start drama in relationships?


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