Southwest Airlines Moving To Two-Door Exiting In Sacramento

If you’ve ever been on a plane that lets passengers off using two doors, you know how nice this is. If you’ve never been on a plane that lets passengers off using two doors, know that it’s amazing.

Southwest Airlines has just announced that they will now be running a trial – an experiment. They’re going to start letting passengers get off the plane after it pulls up to the gate by using two exit doors – one at the front, another at the rear. The front door will send you off the plane through the regular ramp into the terminal, and the rear door will take you down stairs to the tarmac, then over to another set of stairs to enter the terminal.

The airline says that this method “has proven successful in improving both on time performance as well as the customer experience.” We can say from personal experience that, even with the stairs, it’s just great to be able to get off the plane so much faster and not have to do the classic “shuffle” all the way down the aisle, one small step at a time.

They’re starting it tomorrow (6/1/17), and will trial it for about 2 weeks. Their plan is to allow the process on as many arriving Southwest flights as possible.


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