Craigslist Ad Reads ‘NEEDED: Generic Father For Backyard BBQ’

Craigslist ads never fail to entertain, with all the crazy things you see people selling or buying these days. A group of 20-year-old guys took the cake of funniest Craigslist ads when they posted an ad titled, “NEEDED: Generic Father for Backyard BBQ.”

The ad said they were having a backyard BBQ to “celebrate beer and each other,” but none of them knew how to use a grill so they needed a dad figure to be in charge of making the food. They requested that the ‘dad’ refer to them as “big guy, chief, or sport,” and do ‘dad things’ like talk about lawnmowers. The gig does not pay, but the hired ‘dad’ gets to enjoy a cold beer with the boys.

The ad received actual responses, according to Huff Post, including the man from the picture they used, which they had found from googling “grill dad.”

“He might show up,” the guys said.

Since they received such a great response to the ad, they decided it was time to ask for more. They’ve decided the only person they are willing to give the job to is Bill Murray.

“With all the publicity, we’ve decided to ‘Go Bill or Go Home.’ Bill Murray that is. We are dead-set on getting Bill to be our father figure #BillOrBust,” they said.

We wish them luck on their request, since it’s an unpaid job! See the full Craigslist Ad and a photo of the group HERE.


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