Childrens’ School Portraits Photoshopped Without Consent, Parents Angry

Your little guy or gal just lost their first tooth days before school photo day, but it doesn’t matter, that’s the memory, and that’s what you want captured in the photo, right? That’s what one mom thought, but when she got her son’s school photos back, he somehow had all his teeth back. It turned out that the photographer used Photoshop and fixed the gap in her son’s smile.

See the picture here, before and after, that the photo company modified.

Ange Pickett has a blog where she chronicles life as a mother, and she posted the story. She noticed that her son’s school photo was modified, using the smile from her son’s picture from the year before, to “fix” the gap caused by him losing one of his baby teeth. “This is a kid who didn’t lose a tooth until he was almost seven. He’s not embarrassed by the gaps and wonky teeth, he’s excited because lost tooth = gold coin,” she says. “At what point did missing teeth because [sic] something to be ‘fixed?'”

She went on to say that her post “made people think more about the photos we put out there,” and “we should all be a bit more authentic. Memories of our kids are special – gappy teeth and all.”


Do you think the unwanted Photoshop edit was crossing the line, or just harmless retouching for a nice picture?

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