Millennials Want Cosmetic Surgery Instead Of Graduation Gifts

“Nevermind that new car, or a replacement MacBook, I want cosmetic surgery when I graduate!” That seems to be a more common norm these days.

“Major life milestones” usually tend to be the reason for getting some kind of cosmetic procedure, whether it was reaching a certain age, achieving some kind of goal, whatever, that’s with the “older generation.” The younger generation considers graduating a major milestone, and yes it is, but it’s unusual for young people in general to have cosmetic work done to their bodies, up until recently anyway.

Parents are actually buying their children cosmetic surgery in the form of actual surgeries, or even certificates for various procedures that their kid can pick out later. The most common procedures are liposuction and breast enhancement, says Dr. Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York. To be completely fair, a lot of other fresh graduates are having noninvasive procedures done too, like skin-care packages (acne treatment, hair removal, etc).

One plastic surgeon, Dr. Dara Liotta explains that she always talks to young clients to figure out exactly why they want a procedure performed, and tries to figure out if they want something done because of pop culture influence, or if it’s really something that’s been bothering them. She says “I think that the younger the patient is, the more easily they are influenced by those around them, and it is easier to have their insecurities rule their decision-making.”

Do you think high school and college graduates should get plastic surgery as a graduation present, or should they wait a few extra years?


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