Pet And Child Safety This Week With Triple Digit Weather

Just a quick reminder, this week as we’re going to be in our triple-digit heat all week, 106 today and tomorrow, 109 later this week, remember – don’t leave pets or children in cars, drink plenty of water, and have plenty of sunscreen, hats, and shade.

Also, as children tend to do, make sure they keep off of asphalt roadways if they’re bare-footed. The roads can get well into the burning temperatures, even if it’s only in the 80s air-temperature wise. 140, 150+ can burn feet in just a few seconds. The same applies to your pets. Dogs’ feet aren’t all fur on the bottom, we all know that. And despite their more durable paw-pads, they too can get burned within seconds, and they may not even realize whats going on, or how to alleviate the pain. Blistering can lead to infections, and that can be an even more painful experience for our furry friends, especially in the long-term.

You can test the roads with the back of your hand. If you can’t hold your hand down without pulling back due to heat, it’s too hot. Here’s one example of a pup’s burned feet:

They can’t talk, please try to be aware of the ground temperatures when you’re walking your dog later, and make sure your children aren’t running around roads with bare-feet.


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