Johnny Depp Knew About His Finances Long Before The Drama

To summarize what’s been happening with Johnny Depp and his money, just read on.

In January, Johnny filed a lawsuit against his management group, claiming that they’ve been stealing money from him, taking out loans in his name, and all around mismanaging his cash. He’s suing them for $25 million. The management group is fighting back, claiming he was well-aware of his money situation, and has a rather extravagant spending habit. A $30-grand on wine per month type of habit, among other properties, artwork, cars, all sorts of things.

Well, that management group now has released some emails that they exchanged with Johnny from back in 2009. In the emails, they are raising concerns to Johnny, including alerting him to the fact that he’s overdrawn accounts by $4 million. They told him to dial things back, quit spending so much, and get through to a point that he can start paying things off, and getting more cash in the bank. In one email, they’re giving him some guidelines on how to keep spending tight, and his return email fighting their ideas. He also detailed a few movies he was about to start working on at the time, and did agree to sell some things off, like art and some cars, but specifically refused to sell his plane, due to travelling on commercial flights being “a f—ing nightmare.”

So it seems like his claims of not knowing about his financial situation may not be accurate. I’m sure we’ll get more details soon and can better fill in the blanks.

There’s a lot more to this story, and you can check out all the details here.

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