Dad Gets Waxed Before Allowing Daughter To Try

An anonymous online user shared this story of her first time getting her legs waxed before her prom when she was 16. Thing is, her dad was involved with the waxing, and she never knew about it until 10 years later.

As her prom was approaching, she started asking about getting her legs waxed. Her dad would always say no, but she kept asking as prom got closer. Eventually he agreed after saying he would do some research and book an appointment for her. She says that her mother wasn’t the “let’s do things together” type of person, but she says that thankfully, her father was very involved with taking her places.

Dad got back to her about her new appointment, but made a rule – no upper leg, just a few inches above the knee and down was allowed. Waxing happened, prom happened, and she kept going to that lady for her future waxing appointments.

10 years later she heard the story from her waxer. Her dad not only made the appointment for her, but he actually tried it out himself, to see what it was like. He had a full leg done, just so he knew what was involved and how much it would hurt. He had it done, and booked the appointment for her. The next day he called the waxer saying he had some bruising on his upper leg, to which the waxer said that it’s possible and happens sometimes, and that’s why her dad said no upper leg – so she wouldn’t have any bruising.

She says that it’s totally something he would do for her, because it’s just “how thoughtful he is and always was.”

Dad goals.


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