DeMario Jackson “Done With Bachelor In Paradise,” And Contracts Revealed

DeMario Jackson, the accused in the “Bachelor in Paradise” sexual misconduct drama, says he’s “done” with the show after being invited back on by producers. Rightfully so, after being accused, having to defend himself legally, being fired from his job because of the accusations. He even sees a therapist now after developing anxiety of basically being called a rapist for the past couple weeks. And also, no matter the outcome, his name is now tied to the scandal.

The investigation determined that he did nothing wrong at all, but the damage has been done, and while he has support from some who defended him, there are still many who think he DID do something wrong, and nothing will change their minds. He no longer wants anything to do with being a contestant on any reality TV shows, but does want to pursue a career in on-air, whether that’s TV or radio, we’re not sure. See more on that story here.

If you’re curious about everything that’s in the contracts that the contestants sign, we’ve got that info for you too. In the contract, it basically says the producers get the rights to your life. They can present you in any way they want (cutting film, editing, moving clips around and basically manipulating what you say), influence your reputation, film you naked, talk about any of your private details, basically do whatever they want. The contestants also sign away their right to sue producers for any reason, including for endangerment, harm, STDs, or if you become “subject to unwelcome/unlawful contact or other interaction among participants.” It’s not their problem. Check out the actual wording of the documents here.

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