Stephen Hawking Says The World Is Under Threat, We Need To Leave

“The threats are too big and too numerous,” he says, regarding all the threats towards Earth. Stephen Hawking says that we as humans need to leave Earth, and we need to start figuring out how to do it pretty quickly.

He didn’t say there’s an asteroid or anything like that careening towards us from the outer skirts of the solar system, but the threat is actually right here on the planet with us. The threat is us, draining our natural resources. He says that the climate is changing, temperatures are increasing (we definitely experienced that here in Sacramento this week), the ice caps are melting, forests are getting torn down and used up, etc. There’s a lot he listed out.

Basically, we need to conserve more, but in the end, no matter how much we conserve, eventually we will run out, and for us to live on, we need to find another planet to inhabit. It used to be humans using up the resources on their land, and moving to new parts of the world (Christopher Columbus and the “new world,” for example), but now since we ARE in all parts of the world, we’re out of space.

He says it will take time to figure out, but it’s absolutely a possibility to explore the galaxy and find a planet on which we can live. We just have to start looking.


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