Protect Your Dog From Heat Stroke This Summer With These Tips

Summer is kicking into full swing, and the intense heat has made heat stroke a real danger. While we often hear about how to protect ourselves, we may not know how to protect our dogs when it gets too hot out.

The Fresno Bee has released their list of ways to help prevent heatstroke and recognize the warning signs so you furry friend stays cool and healthy all summer long.

  • Recognize if your dog is “short-faced”: Breeds like bulldogs and Boston terriers are known as “short-faced dogs,” and these breeds are at a much greater risk of developing heat stroke than their longer-faced counterparts. Due to their small airways and nostrils, they can overheat much faster. This can be an even bigger issue if they are not in great shape, or if they engage in physical activity that’s particularly long or strenuous.
  • If you are sweating a lot, your dog could be in trouble: Dogs can only sweat through their toe pads, making it much harder for them to cool off when it gets hot out. If you’re both out in the heat and you notice you’re sweating a lot, your dog could be in danger. Even though your pup may seem eager to keep going, take time to rest and drink water in shade.
  • Just because your dog is eager to go, doesn’t mean it should: Dogs have a tendency to push themselves to the limit, and may collapsing suddenly when they hit that limit. You may not realize your dog is overheating because it will just keep pushing through until it’s too late. Dr. Victoria Ochoa, a veterinarian who specializes in internal medicine, explained that while a normal temperature for a dog is around 101 degrees, she’s seen dogs hit temperatures too high for thermometers to read. At that point, their body begins breaking down and it could be fatal.
  • Watch for excessive panting: While panting may appear a dog’s way of breathing heavily, it’s actually used to cool their body down. In order for a dog to actually take a full breath, they need to stop panting first. If your dog is panting uncontrollably, you may want to get them somewhere cool to rest.
  • If your dog becomes very weak, a trip to the veterinarian may be necessary: If your dog suddenly becomes excessively tired, it’s a serious red flag. This may be accompanied by thickened saliva, a stumbling walk, and vomiting. You should get your to a vet as soon as possible because there could be serious internal issues that could prove fatal.

For additional tips, you can head to The Fresno Bee right here to read the full list!

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