English Is Evolving Into Emoji-Only Speak

This is primarily with the “millennial” and younger generation. Millennials say that they’re able to better communicate by using emoji and .gif animated images. Let’s explain.

Emoji and .gif images add a certain nuance to a conversation, says the article. Presumably because they are able to express a certain tone of voice, or sarcasm, through a text message that you would otherwise get from tone of voice in a spoken word exchange, but I digress.

36% of millennials who use emoji to communicate say that the emoji, .gif images and “stickers” can “communicate their thoughts and feelings [better than] words do.” more than 60% of millennials say that .gif images actually convey emotion better than they think words could. It’s said that people “crave the ability to express the full range of human emotions.” It used to be through writing, then it was through performance, and now it’s through a poop-icon. “haha that’s funny” turned into “lol,” and now it’s just a “laughing-while-crying-face” emoji.

This is particularly frightening because it’s a little confusing for those of us who weren’t born into a winky-face onesie. Is it the fact that maybe the younger generation isn’t reading enough literature and spending too much time shortening words and using emoji to communicate, rather than opening their mouth? We used to read 140 pages in just a couple days – now we have to read 140 characters at a time on Twitter.


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