Woman Throws Coins Into Airplane’s Engine “For Good Luck”

Your pocket, a jar, the bank, wishing wells, fountains, soda machines, heck, even shot glasses at college parties – all of those things are better places for coins than an airplane engine, but that’s where one woman thought she should toss a coin for good luck.

She’s 80 years old, and wanted to “wish a safe flight” for the crew and passengers through tossing the coin in the engine. She was boarding the plane, along with many others, when she was spotted throwing the coins. Ironically, obviously, the coin in the engine would have been a tragedy had nobody noticed, as it was sure to cause some kind of damage, potentially catastrophically.

Passengers were immediately asked to get off the plane so mechanics could disassemble everything and inspect for damage that may have already been done, and to recover the coins. One coin was removed from the actual internals of the engine, and eight more were recovered from other areas. The inspection, and flight delay, lasted about 5 hours.

It’s not something you think about, but even now here in Sacramento since we can board planes in the front and rear from the tarmac, it actually seems like a real threat – that someone can toss something into an engine. Hopefully there is some kind of protection to prevent that from happening though.


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