Shaq Picks Up Strangers Dinner Tab, Leaves A Big Tip

I have always wanted to go to dinner somewhere and see someone famous. Going a step further, I would love to run into someone famous at dinner and have them be as nice as Shaq was earlier this week.

Shaq was sitting at a table having a nice dinner when he noticed a table of about 15 starring at him. Normally you hear about celebrities saying they want to be left alone in settings like that but not Shaq. He walked over to the table and started talking to them and taking pictures. Even when he got back to his seat, he kept turning around to make conversation. It gets better. At the end of the night he ended up picking up their tab and he even asked their waiter what he wanted for a tip. The server answered $400 which I feel like is bold and maybe even slightly greedy but good for him for aiming high. Between the two tabs and tips the bill totaled $1,900!

SOURCE: Page Six 

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