Fireworks And Pets – How To Help Them Handle The Booms

Those of us who have animals know the stress that some of them go through every July 4th (and the weekend leading up to the holiday, and probably the few days after too). Some tips for helping to keep our furry friend safe and calm while all those explosions are happening outside are just below.

Keep them away from the explosions. That makes sense, and they’ll probably want to get away anyway. But they’re more sensitive to the sounds than we are, so it’s a lot more for them to handle. You’ll probably want to keep them inside the house all together, just in case they are able to get through a fence or escape somehow and run off.

Give them a space to hide. They’ll probably want to be surrounded by their toys and comfort, so set up an area for them to go and sort of curl up in, like blankets over a crate or something, but just make sure they don’t get too hot in there.

Ambient noise. Have a radio or TV going, just so there’s something else besides booms and explosions happening.

Make sure they have updated ID tags and chips, and that contact numbers and addresses are accurate. In case they get out, they have a way to get back to you if they’re found.

Skip the celebration and stay home with them, or at least check on them throughout the night. They’ll feel a lot better if you were there with them and not out there in the explosions somewhere. They worry too.

Back to their space to hide, keep them busy and distracted with toys and things to do. I know it’s hard to keep them focussed on just playing with there are strange sounds, but it will still help them a little, and every little bit helps.

If you’re planning on enjoying the fireworks away from home and want to know where things are happening, check it out here.

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