Kids Who Do Chores Grow Up To Be More Successful

Over the course of 20 years, researchers have been studying the habits of children as they grow, and they saw a pretty direct correlation to doing chores at a young age to how successful they become as adults. There’s another study looking at similar habits, but that one has been going on since 1938 – both are pretty substantial research projects, and they’ve determined basically the same thing.

The 20-year study, that found that chores assigned to children, even as young as 3 years old, helps to mold that child into a more responsible, goal-driven adult. They’re calling it a predictor though, not a sure thing, but children who did chores grew into young adults who completed their education, began a career that had a clear direction, and they formed healthy and happy personal relationships.

The study that began in 1938 has determined that having happy and healthy personal relationships, as well as having a high work ethic, helped make for becoming a stable adult. Both studies clearly show that a positive social life does help develop for a happier, stable adult life, and that work ethic only gets stronger as we get older.

Chores teach responsibility. “There’s work that needs doing. I will do it because, while it’s unpleasant, it’s also necessary.” We’re not always given an award just for doing something, but it has to get done anyway. This also helps build their work ethic, and helps them become more self-reliant. If you don’t have your kids do things around the house, they grow up with the mindset that there will always be someone to do things for them, which can turn them into co-dependant adults.

Chores teach children the importance of contributing. “How can I contribute? What problems might come up and how can I address them?” They learn that there’s work to be done, and understand the importance of sharing the workload. Think teamwork, more hands on a project typically gets it done faster. And rather than standing around waiting to be assigned work, they find work that needs to be done.

Chores teach time-management and self-control. Maybe they want to have fun, but there’s a work or school project that needs to be done first. They learn that they can still have fun later if they just go ahead get the work done. The fun doesn’t go away completely, they just have to work for it.


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